Elevating Standards as a Premier South Florida’s Produce Exporter

Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc is widely known as one of the leading South Florida produce exporters. To truly grasp Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc's commitment to quality as a Caribbean produce exporter, one must look outside at the Palm Beach cold storage facility to the loading docks of Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc.

Transforming Cold Storage

When Royman opened this location, he launched a massive project to create prime conditions at his Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc cold storage building. Royman implemented a “cold chain” to make sure the produce he was purchasing fresh from farms stayed in perfect condition for all his valued Miami produce export customers.

Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc
Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc

"We installed roof blowers on each end of our loading dock to ensure consistent, correct temperature of our products," he explains. "Our produce goes from a cold truck to a cold dock, to a cold container."


And our quality doesn't stop once the produce is in a container. " The 24/7 monitoring system is cellular and will alert our staff if the temperature fluctuates. We believe in the best, the very best for our customers, at every level of our business."

Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc is one of the leading, fully licensed produce exporters in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and all of South Florida.

Streamlined Solutions

The Miami produce exporter specializes in consolidation export, and can arrange shipments of dairy, poultry, meat, and other perishables for the Caribbean and European produce export customers. Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc is fully licensed with the Perishable Agriculture and Commodities Act (PACA) and holds an excellent rating with The Blue Book.