About Our Company

Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc has been exporting to the Caribbean Islands since 2005 and is extremely proud of the ever-growing list of our satisfied customers. Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc is fully licensed with the Perishable Agriculture and Commodities Act (PACA) and holds an excellent rating with The Blue Book.


Dedication to Quality

Our dedication to quality means that rigorous inspections and planned redistribution guidelines are standard procedures. You've probably heard the expression from other businesses that the customer always comes first, well at Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc, not only do you truly come first, but you will remain so. We strive to maintain and cultivate our business relationships, with a personal touch. You will never be regarded as just an account number, but always as a valued customer.

Unrivaled Excellence

Our superior reputation and rating in this market allow us to provide the value that we do. With our substantial purchasing power, we can facilitate all of our customers’ needs and volumes. We understand that you are looking for value, quality, and experience; choosing Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc will assure you of all these things.

Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc

About Royman and Marcie (Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc President)

Royman and Marcie's high ideals for Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc start at the farm where he procures the best, freshest produce for his Caribbean produce export customers. He implements a “cold chain”; a system of ensuring cold storage for the entire life of the produce they export. The produce goes from a cold truck to the custom-built cold dock at Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc's cold storage and freezer facility. The produce is then carefully packed into cold containers for shipping.

Commitment to Excellence

Royman and Marcie commitment to excellence extends to his unique and personal way of doing business. "When a customer calls, Marcie or I answer the phone. There's no leaving a message or getting lost among a dozen phone extensions. "We handle each call personally," says Royman.

“We have no board of directors and no purchasing or accounts receivable department.

There's a simple, direct response to our customers from a real human being. Everything is handled as immediately as possible. What takes other companies weeks to resolve, we can resolve in hours."

Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc

Efficient Team

Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc keeps no trucks on the road. Therefore, we maintain low overhead but have an extremely efficient team of professionals to handle the daily business of Caribbean produce export and consolidation export.

“Because of our low overhead, effectiveness, and efficiency, we can pass along extreme savings to our customers.”

Striking a Perfect Balance

The efficiency of the Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc team and the dedication to high product standards create a positive symbiotic relationship between Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc and the importers.

"Everything is so quick and precise on our end of the business, that our importers can receive and flip their inventory quicker. This creates a positive, productive produce export business for all of us," says Royman.