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Where does Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc get its produce?

Produce is bought directly from the farms that are located coast to coast and abroad. We purchase produce from different farms as they become available seasonally. All other products such as meat and dairy are brought in fresh to meet the customers’ needs.

How is Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc’s produce stored?

We store our produce in a temperature-controlled warehouse composed of multiple coolers and freezers with individually controlled temperatures. We also employ ethylene machines that eliminate the ethylene gases that are given off by certain fruits/vegetables, which helps extend the life of these products. To also ensure product quality and freshness, our coolers feature FDA and USDA-certified wireless temperature recording monitors that continuously track the temperature every few minutes.

What is Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc’s commitment to food safety?

Before every container is shipped, a certified USDA official inspects the contents to ensure it meets the regulations of the United States. All commodities brought in from foreign countries are accompanied by an inspection certificate.

How many days a week does Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc ship out containers?

We ship our containers 7 days a week.

How long will it take until I receive my container?

Depending on your location, the container will take anywhere from 24 hours to a week. No matter when you receive our products, you can be assured of its freshness.

How can Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc save me money when loading containers?

When we consolidate produce, with dry goods, and other products. This ensures that freight is maximized. This means that your turnover will be high and that top-quality products are always on hand.

Does Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc offer any organic products?

Yes, we offer a full line of organic products from produce to dairy; please see our Products tab for more information.

Why should I consider Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc to manage my produce needs?

At Direct Fresh Wholesale & Export Inc, we can purchase directly from farms, which eliminates the middle man and maximizes your profits. Our high standard for quality guarantees little or no claims from our customers around the world

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